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Injection Molds

Bring sharp details to your injected parts

Engravings are everywhere, in nearly all the objects around us. Mold makers provide industries with ingeneous systems to automate their processes. They trust TypeEdit for Engravings their brand names and specifications within the life cycle of their products.

Injecting Material into Molds

Mold Cavities perfectly machined by CAD Software

Intricate details in Molds are difficult to build when Solid based CAD representations are limited to the pixel size. Most used CAD Software nowadays are displaying surfaces directly set by the GPU of the graphic card installed on the User’s workstation. As a leading CAD Software TypeEdit is capable of displaying OpenGL graphics as well as Bezier Curves with a high level of ease. Jewellery CAD Software for instance are able to build wax injection molds but often lacks of accuracy and details as they cannot manage other than surface display. A few CAD are capable of dealing with mesh surfaces also called bas-reliefs, and this is what is offering TYPE ART, the 3D creative module allowing to build from Bezier curves amazing 3D reliefs.

With the use of vectors in space, you allow an additional dimension to control your creations and manage impressive machining results defined by no longer surface limits, but by nodes which are actually moving your cutting tools to the right position with the proper dimensions. Industrial CAD Software dedicated to Aeronautical or Automotive to talk about a few of the applications in which Mold CAD Software are involved, are challenged to reach such level of details and quality.

TypeEdit, TYPE ART & TYPE CAM allow their Users to efficiently build Engravings within their molds, insuring accuracy and respect time delivery to their customers.

TYPE ART - Cavity Mold

Deep Engraving of Logos & Texts

Build 3D reversed shapes for any type of mold, dies, debossing areas thanks to the TYPE ART Module of Type3 Software.
Easy to use 3D CAD for Mold Designers.


Injection Mold, Die & Inserts made with TypeEdit



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