Joyería software 3D, Eficaz, intuitivo y completo, sus funciones y herramientas profesionales hacen a 3DESIGN CAD la solución más apropiada y eficiente para enriquecer su producción y métodos de concepción:

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Watch how Nagyné Orsolya Ráski and husband Daniel Nagy, personal jewellery designers and creators, won the 50th award of Splendor - Jewellery by her jewellery set called: "Tears of a Mermaid", in Dubai (United Arabian Emirates).

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"I decided I will overcome my fear of computers and get right into this new exciting technology. [...]It is a technology that has lifted up a generation to a new and prosperous future. Well Done."

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COMGRAPH - Thailand

Comgraph, our local 3DESIGN reseller in Bangkok, helped the students to feel ease of use with 3DESIGN CAD software and make them able to create good models at the end of the training.
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Andre Jewelers is doing from point a-to-z, thanks to this incredible software called 3DESIGN” says Sonny with enthusiasm. Thanks to Stuller who recommended 3DESIGN as “the best program on the market!” Without any CAD knowledge, 3DESIGN is “very easy to create outstanding creations”
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VTC - Taiwan

Teacher Wu said:”the powerful functions of 3DESIGN such as stone, settings, sweep… can inspired designer's imagination at the initial step.
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Chad admits that even being an experienced jeweler, he felt that wax carving was limiting his creativity due to time constraint. Chad declares: “Ever since I starting using 3DESIGN, I am now able to design everything I can imagine.”
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GOA - Taiwan

GOA starts 3DESIGNcourse and trains talents for jewellery industry.
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3DESIGN is unique software that saves the history tree of the design, offering then the ability to modify parameters or features at any time. 3DESIGN then recalculates the entire job with these new parameters - whether changing a number of stones, or re-sizing a prong, a shape, or anything else.
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3DESIGN courses started in October 2006 at SEVE STUDIO. The centre is, indeed, entirely decorated with 3DESIGN posters and renderings. The environment is really nice and appropriately set for serious yet friendly learning.
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A family owned business with 25 years of experience, David Clay Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry with a strong emphasis on platinum and diamonds.
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"Weight is a huge constraint for jewelers. With 3DESIGN, we can control this constraint and bring a strategic advantage with our profession"
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“3DESIGN is allowing me to create with greater sophistication, adding a lot of details in a very reasonable time.”
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« I was happily surprized with the demo of version 5. I did see many new functions for specific jewelry applications such as ring clusters, openwork in a honeycomb style, a signet ring builder… The software’s evolution is very satisfying. »
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NEIL RAYMENT - Jewelry designer - UK

Independent designer Neil Rayment works with 3DESIGN since 2003...
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“Starting with a 3-day training, we [Morten and his designer] were up and running after one week of practice. A few weeks later, I could give to my designer the most complex job to create and it would be done in no time with 3DESIGN and the quality is outstanding”
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C.A. TREBLE - Manufacturers of Fine Diamond and Gem Set Jewellery - UK

"It’s getting exciting when you are creating parts as you can view them in real time! You can work so fast; as far as I’m concerned I realize 30 pieces a month thanks to 3DESIGN!"
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“since the integration of 3DESIGN in the ring process, a full new collection has been completed in a few months which has not been done for years before… 3DESIGN effectively decreases the time from design to final product without compromising on quality.”
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BRUCE ROBINSON - Director and Designer - Australia

"3DESIGN is such a flexible tool it can be used and taken advantage of in a myriad of businesses and applications. "
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Y. CATAK - Jewel Designer, Second Prize Winner - Turkey

"Parametric technology allows more flexibility during the design process and the Ray-tracing functionality permits to visualize the creation of your dreams."
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BIJOUX CONCEPT - Designer and Retailer - Switzerland

Suzanne and François just tested the Version 4 of the program and were impressed...
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M. ROUSSET - Jewel Designer, Second Prize Winner - France

"It is very easy to transfer what we have in mind into a full 3D object. 3DESIGN is very good at translating our ideas and does so rapidly; it’s really magic!”
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A. PIROUX - Jewel Designer, 1 of 5 Second Prize Winner - France

“I am re-discovering my job with this highly performing tool. It opens a window to new creative ideas!”
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A. BARSIVE - Designer, Second Prize Winner - France

"3DESIGN gives an added esthetic impulse to the creation. It is an excellent technical and creativity support tool”.
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A. HERBRECHTSMEIER - Jewel Designer, Second Prize Winner - Germany

"3DESIGN is a good software solution, I have tried others before, but I really see its potential. Plus, it is really easy to use and rapidly master."
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SWAROVSKI - World leading brand for cut crystal - Austria

“We are recent 3DESIGN users and really believe this is THE product dedicated to jewels and accessories!”
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J. MCKELLAR - Managing Director and Designer - UK

“What I appreciate most is the way you see the solids (...) 3D models really helps to have them validated by clients. We do not loose time anymore in creating prototypes.”
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GEMSTONE DESIGNS - Designs for Jewellery shops or independants - UK

“ You can design very quickly for pieces that would take ages to make. It is opening up new design areas that we would otherwise not be able to see…”
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“With 3DESIGN, using 3D rendering not only enable to tremendously decrease the time between the first meeting with the customer and the final approval but also to create jewelry pieces that match exactly what my customers had foreseen.”
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