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3DESIGN is not only software. We offer a vast array of services dedicated to help you work better, smarter and faster using 3DESIGN.

From basics to expert training, to technical support hotline all the way to updates, we provide it all. Our expert trainers are available to schedule and prepare training sessions customized to your needs. Our technical support bureau is also waiting for your call or email to answer any request you might have about 3DESIGN.

We understand you need to be fully and professionally accompanied to be the best and most creative you can and we thrive to allow you to do just that.

Technical support

By subscribing to the annual service contract, you will have unlimited access to application support services by phone or e-mail. The Technical Support Service is fully granted by a team of engineers experienced in the operations and usage of 3DESIGN.

They will provide the best service and support for those who have difficulties in adopting this new technology of design and modelling. Available and qualified people will assist you and answer all of your questions. Confidentiality of designs is ensured by our specially devised security system.


Hands-on training

We realize 3DESIGN is a rich and full solution. To rapidly maximize your return on investment, we suggest you schedule a training session to get around the richness of 3DESIGN better. We offer you the most current and accurate hands-on training courses and programs.

Our team provides you with a vast array of training programs and tools no matter where you are or what your current knowledge is. Our 3DESIGN expert trainers will guide you through our solution to help you work smarter and learn faster.

They will teach you from basics to details of 3DESIGN and provide you with instructions and exercises to maximize your training session.

Sessions are arranged and prepared according to one’s level and experience with CAD software, modelling application and field. Our expert trainers will customize your session to match your needs so as to reach best customer satisfaction.

 USA Training Sessions, view full calendar

User-friendly Tutorials

We offer user-friendly tutorials and videos that will allow you to get familiar with 3DESIGN and quickly master the basics, thus providing a quick return on your investment and additional support after training.



The 3DESIGN forum is a restricted area to "ONLY 3DESIGN" users. Seasoned professionals from all over the world use this opportunity to share tips and tricks on how to make the most of your 3DESIGN software.


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