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In 1988, Type3 was born with the idea to introduce traditional artistic typography into the world of industrial manufacturing. Its mission was from the start: to create a bridge between the graphic arts and the industry with its Type3 artistic CAD/CAM software.

In 1999, jewelers were already satisfied customers thanks to our Type3 innovative solutions in engraving and marking applications. But the jewelry industry was beginning its shift towards new technologies and methods and we decided to create a specific solution dedicated to 3D jewelry creation.

This new solution we were about to develop would be the most forward-thinking one could imagine. It would include the most modern technologies available, targeted professional tools, be user-friendly, multiplatform and evolving. At the time, Y3K was the code name for this project and 9.9.99 was the date our company chose to announce the news to our subsidiaries and partners.

Today, 3DESIGN is the most powerful, professional, modern and unrivalled software for 3D real time jewelry and graphic object creation.

Take the time to browse through the website to find out more about this fantastic tool.

Type3, a French company located near Lyons and established in 1988, is a leading developer of artistic CAD/CAM software solutions for industrial engraving and 3D jewelry design. Type3  has developed solutions toward a great number of business activities that focuses on communication through industrial parts. With over 55.000 licenses sold worldwide, subsidiaries and resellers over 47 countries, Type3 product family is recognized today by professionals as an ultimate solution, whether they are working in a mechanical, laser or rapid prototyping environment. www.type3.com.

Type3 solutions include:

the complete CAD-CAM software solution in 2D, 2.5D and 3D for CNC users.

the professional artistic CAD software for 2D and 3D laser technology.

the innovative and modern 3D CAD software for Jewelry, Watches and Fashion Accessories creation.

Type3 lettering and graphic applications integrated in CATIA CAAV5 based environment.

Type3 specific development: customised software developments to fit specific customer’s needs and provide them competitive asset.

OEM: customised software solutions for machine manufacturers, in Type3 fields of expertise.

More information on Type3 solutions on: www.type3.com
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