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Why 3DESIGN is a "MUST" Choice

With long experience on CAD-CAM markets and multiple applications, together with a 5 years investigation and development, Type3 has developed 3DESIGN, a 3D design  solution tailored to specifically fill the needs of the jewelry industry. A solution that addresses the challenges of the jewelry and watch professionals, whether Designers or Manufacturers, Model makers or Shop owners, and which addresses the key areas that where lacking in previous solutions.

process of 3D jewelry creation with 3DESIGN

Jewelry Specific

3DESIGN was completely written for all types of jeweler profiles. Every aspect of the program has been tailored to suit jewelers needs in their own language. Additionally, new versions coming regularly will be bringing new and improved features for Jewelry designing and production. Anyone, even with the most basic of computer skills, can reach an intermediate level of use in the software within three months. Learning curve is reduced, for a better ROI.

Easy and attractive User Interface

Because CAD CAM shall not be limited to Engineer background operators, we wanted to keep the User interface easy & attractive.
Designers can model in 3D directly, and share designs in 3D with the Marketing and the Production. It reduces interpretations, errors and delays for launching new models.

Also, we wanted to allow Designers to be able to design interactively with their own customers. You can rotate the design in the workspace, zoom in or out and see every detail of a design. 3DESIGN uses realistic textures in real-time so if a ring will be made out of 18K rose gold, on the screen your design will be represented by 18K rose gold texture, no wire frames or point matrix. You work with virtual metal.

3DESIGN is used for 3D modelling, but also to “share” ideas and to get validation from customers or managers before production; that is essential.
Create models, and share on the web, e-mails, brochures… even before manufacturing.
Bringing always more “virtual” but terribly realistic images on the market is a must.
3DESIGN has a complete Ray Tracing mode, as well as an Animation feature.

Latest CAD CAM technology

3DESIGN uses “Associative” technology. It is the only 3D CAD software dedicated for Jewelry using this technology. Basically, in other solutions which are not associative, making changes on designs can be as long as creating a new model! If it takes 4 hours to create one design, making three new models from this one will take three times 4 hours additionally, equal 16 hours for four designs. While “Associativity” keeps track in of the history of your creation, each consecutive step is recorded…..and you can re-edit them at any time, even weeks later. Need to make a change? Just edit the operations you wish, and 3DESIGN will recalculate all steps automatically.

3DESIGN core modeling engine is “Hybrid modelling”, Surface and Solid at the same time, offering the advantages of the two technologies combined!

Modern and Open

3DESIGN has been developed in JAVA language, the language of the Internet. One of its advantages is that it can run on Macintosh or Windows. A company investing today to modernise its design/production process, (a long term investment), is not forced to make the choice! And if they wish tomorrow to change their OS platform, they can keep their 3DESIGN software. As a technology provider, we do not ask our customers to adapt. We adapt our solutions to their systems, bringing more flexibility and a lower risk to the investment.

Type3 solutions are also solutions used for Production, not just producing nice images. Therefore, the quality of the file of the finished model is essential. The 3DESIGN STL files will communicate with all Rapid Prototyping machines and processes on the market. Whether it is a common CNC machine or wax printer to advanced laser sintering or polymer growing machines, they will faithfully reproduce designs made in 3Design. This means you can use the best process for each design.

We work with the jewelry industry as a whole, and not just as a “design” challenge. And when we think about solutions like 3Design, we carefully look at the whole process: designing, sharing ideas with staff and customers, production, marketing. This way, we can better anticipate and offer more than adequate solutions.

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