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3DESIGN Solutions were presented during the PRINTOR tradeshow at Eurexpo in Lyon

All the Type3 and 3DESIGN Solutions were presented during the PRINTOR tradeshow at Eurexpo in Lyon, France, from January 13th until 15th 2013. As usual and as the first Jewellery Show of the year, PRINTOR is a reference, the opportunity for our teams to meet its clients, to welcome and inform the visitors, mostly professionals of the jewellery and watch markets.

PRINTOR illustrates once again the value added of our partnership with AMD, leader on the graphic cards market. All our demos, pieces, renderings and animations showcased during the exhibition were made using AMD material. Our visitors were able to evaluate the power of the AMD FirePRO/3DESIGN partnership as it delivers an unbeaten user experience for jewelry designers and other creative experts combining 3DESIGN technology and FirePro™ professional workstation graphics accelerators.

Thank you for visiting us and if you missed us, please feel free to contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Enter the world of DeepImage to sublimate your creations.

3DESIGN and Luxology introducing DeepImage

Developed with Luxology, discover our new solution to enhance the display and beauty of your pieces and collections.

Read, view and find out more about DeepImage here.


Ecole boulle

 The Ecole Boulle (school), Paris, France, presents its 2011-2012 education Project "Round ring" with Antoine Boulay. It is the creation of a CAD round ring using 3DESIGN CAD. User and teacher of 3DESIGN CAD since 2005, the Ecole Boulle is a major reference in the teaching of art, applied art, design and craft in France.

Presentation of the project: "We started from a drawing by hand to create a technical drawing in vector, which was used to develop a 3D modeling (CAD file), the renderings, and then be able to produce prototypes from scratch in wax or resin then in metal, precious or not."

See the video here  and learn more about the Arts of Drawing and Computer Aided Design in jewelry


INTERGEM: October 5-8, 2012, Oberstein, Germany

During these four days, 3DESIGN official reseller Stefan Freivogel exhibited and demonstrated the best and latest of 3DESIGN CAD8, the new version of the 3D CAD solution dedicated to jewelers and watch makers.

The show registered over 1,000 visitors only on the first day, promising affluent traffic for the exhibitors. Stephan Freivogel did demonstration over demonstration and multiplied opportunities between new contacts and existing 3DESIGN users.

Thank you for visiting the show and see you soon!

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