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3DESIGN - Jewellery designing software

The only All-in-One 3D CAD Jewellery solution with Parametric / Associative technology.
Developed jointly with and for jewelers, 3DESIGN has established its leadership in delivering innovative solutions for the jewelry, watch and fashion accessories industries.

Offering improved features for Jewelry designing and production such as advanced pavé, free stone settings, ajour and honeycomb, stone inventory, baguette chanel, measuring and reporting, wide library of models... 3DESIGN is fast, professional, efficient!

With the real-time photorealism, 3DESIGN offers to 3D Jewellery designers perfect conditions to stimulate creativity: the finished jewel is already there on the screen!
Jewelers can also create high quality digital photos, with textured backgrounds, reflections, color lightings, watermarks and logos, etc. to present their creation to clients.

Always at the edge of innovation, 3DESIGN is presenting every year new features at Baselworld.




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