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CAD for Apple MAC OS

3DESIGN Pro & Designer versions

The Parametric Construction Tree within 3DESIGN is not only one of the most CAD advanced feature, this is a visual road map on which designs are sketched and built. Pro or Designer version, this key feature is available in all 3DESIGN Software packages.

MAC or PC... ?

Unable to decide between a Mac or a PC? Well, there is no need to stress about it as 3DESIGN is compatible with both operating systems. Choose your preferred system to fit your style and business model.


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Easily populate designs

3DESIGN’s library of symbols allows you to create and save any 2D or 3D shape. The great benefit of saving in the library is that you can build your own gallery of elements, like a catalogue, to mix and match or modify at a later stage.

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 3D Jewelry CAD Software

When it comes to design & manufacture your jewels, you need all the technologies a top CAD can provide.
Easy to Learn, Easy to Master
"3DESIGN works the way you work"

3DESIGN is a Visual Design product that takes an artistic approach to CAD, not an engineering approach to jewelry design. Avoid the confusing engineering style wire-frame method with our realistic solid model design experience. Design like an artist, not an engineer.

Complete Integrated Software
"Modules gathering all a Jeweler needs"

3DESIGN is built like a Jeweler's bench. It has virtually drawers in which you will find tools, all doing a specific result to shape your ideas. The Solid and the Sketch modules interact together to build the most magnificent items and insure their modification in the future.

Custom Jewelry Filigri
Macintosh and Windows
"The only jewelry CAD solution for MAC"

There is no need to compromise with 3DESIGN. Our unique hybrid platform allows you to run 3DESIGN on Macintosh and Windows. Install on both platforms and share files easily between systems.

Professional Jewelry Tools
"Work in CAD as you would at the bench"

Precision Jeweler’s Bench tools make your design job easier and more accurate. Standard and custom stone creation, micro pave, channel, baguettes, auto positioning prongs and much more. Keep your focus on your creation and let 3DESIGN do the heavy lifting.

Affordable 3D Jewelry CAD, 3DESIGN comes in 3 main packages

From DESIGNER to PROFESSIONAL version, 3DESIGN offers an evolutive solution fitting your actual needs


CAD for professionals


Full operating version of 3DESIGN with 3SHAPER entry level and Rendering module

3DESIGN Pro has become the reference in custom Jewelry. With its Parametric and Hybrid Technologies, designers enjoy the ease for modifications and management of Surface with Solid and 3D Mesh integrations. Pro comes with the capability of exporting your files in various manufacturing formats such as IGS, STEP or the Rapid Prototyping standard used by the variety of 3D printers: the STL format. Discover 3DESIGN Pro through our videos or get your own online demonstration with one of our 3D experts by clicking on the CONTACT-US Button located a the top right corner of this page.

CAD for Designer


No export for production, ideal for starting up new Designers or additional users

Perfect package for focusing on Designing. 3DESIGN Designer version has all the features of the Pro version except the production file formats. Ideal for new CAD Designers, the production can then be sent to a Professional version or directly to one of our Certified Service Bureaus spread around the globe. When your design is grown by a professional it can also be casted, polished, set by the same Certified Service Bureaus prior being delivered to your door. To learn more about 3DESIGN Designer version contact us now using the CONTACT-US form button located at the top of this page.

CAD for Student


Learn Jewelry CAD at any given moment of your career, it is never too late to lean

Students of all ages can learn 3DESIGN. Building its own 3D Jewels within an educational partnership offered by one of our certified school, this is possible thanks to Education solutions made available. 3DESIGN Education, this is another way to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of computerized designs. All the designing tools are made available as a Student version which finds its own gateway to production with the help of an Educator owning a Teacher version, tutoring and helping you to succeed at your own pace. For further information about our Educational programs CONTACT-US with the use of the above button.

Jewel CAD Software

3DESIGN uses the latest graphic display technology for a real time realistic design experience. Settings can be altered to fit any desideratas to adjust light, shade and overal reflexion distribution. Inspired by video games graphic technologies 3DESIGN uses the latest OpenGL capabilities of your graphics card and uses its GPU rather than the CPU of your computer. It results into faster computation while on screen your designs looks atonishing and fluid.

CAD Video

Create awesome Jewels with or without established computer skills, you too can make it.

See by yourself how 3D - Designs are made. Register for a FREE live demo !

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